What’s In A Name?

As a mother of 7, it was important for me to find something to do with my time that would allow me to be home with my kids. But, I also needed to find something to occupy the hours when everyone is busy that was productive.

I’m a creative soul and love crafting and scrapbooking. I have 2 girls and love bows. My oldest daughter is 16 and doesn’t really do the bow thing anymore, but I also have an 8 year old who tolerates it.

I like things that make a statement. Not an over the top statement, but something a little more exciting that ‘normal’. The bows I found were always a bit normal and boring for me. I wanted bows with a little more personality!

This is how SB Bows and Co. was created.

The name (and logo) are broken down like this:

When I was little my nickname was ‘Bug’ and my parents always associated that with ladybugs. My first boss gave me the nickname, ‘Smiley’ and it kind of stuck. When I started dating my now husband, he combined the two and his name for me was Smileybug. That’s where the SB comes from.

The Co. is for those around me who support me, namely my kiddos and husband. They are the best company you could have around you and surround yourself with.

Just as every child is unique, I believe that bows should be unique as well. With our bows your loved one will stand out from the crowd and it won’t be the same bow every other girl is wearing.