Flower Loopers

Each looper bow is stitched by hand and then put onto a clip.
All prices include $3.00 shipping fee.


::a wish and a kiss::

* If you need something to bring a smile to your face, this bow will do it. Subtle colors, but just the right bit of whimsy. Perfect all year around. * Bow measures 4″ x 4″ * AVAILABLE: 5


::black cat::

* With the perfect blend of Halloween colors and a black cat to boot, you’ll definitely be in the Halloween spirit with this bow. * Bow measures 4″ x 4″ * AVAILABLE: 5


::skelly girl::

* A modified, but fun version of our Skelly Girl Stacked Bow. Still full of the skelly vibe, but also so cute. * Bow is 4″ x 4″. * AVAILABLE: 2


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