Naughty And Nice

I don’t really do the ‘ugly’ sweatshirt thing, but I like to get T-Shirts every year. A couple years ago, I was shopping with my Mother in Law and we found THE perfect t-shirt for my husband. I was super excited when we then found one for me that almost matched his.

Then, just recently, Trixie Scraps released a kit called So Ho Ho Ugly. It really is created around all those ugly sweatshirts people like to wear, but it works for so many other Holiday layouts. I had fun creating this simple layout with it.

And if you know my husband, you know that he is much naughtier than I am . HAHAHA!


Another 25th of December

Having the ‘in’ that parents have with Santa, I know that he showed up exactly at midnight. Pretty amazing, if you ask me.
So I took a look at the stockings and tree when Santa finished his job. Santa had to do some quick thinking with stockings as I never got around to making new ones…Oops!
The kids were up at about 5 or 6. Eric got up shortly after that to make sure they didn’t get into things early. I finally pulled myself out of bed around 7 or 8. I’m mean and want my sleep!
Before gift opening happened, it was pictures in pj’s…Some kids weren’t so thrilled.
Then it was time to get down to business. Eric got his Santa cap on and I made sure I got pictures of everyone’s first gifts.
It then took us another hour or so to get through everyone’s gifts. These kids get spoiled, I tell you. I suppose they deserved it…
Eric surprised me with a stand mixer. The one I really want is more money than I want to spend, so I was extremely thrilled that Eric got me a different one. He actually listens to me more than I thought. I gave Eric a remote controlled Star Wars ship. He was a little sad because to really get the full fun of his gift, he needs to do it outside. And well we know this winter has been such a fun one, so he’s got to wait till Spring and Summer to really play.
We had enough time after opening gifts to really let the kids play with some and we even had some time to start putting things away.
We then headed to my mom’s and had a yummy lunch and had fun being together. My mom put together a game to figure out what her gift to all of us was. She divided us into couples and we had to figure out some puzzles. Both Eric and I were tired, so we didn’t do a very good job – eventually though someone else came up with the answer. Her gift was to take us all to one of those Mystery Escape rooms. We’re trying to come up with a date that works for all of us. It won’t be easy.
We stayed at my mom’s a little later than we probably should have considering Eric’s mom had the dogs and we were staying at her house that night. But, we got to Eric’s mom’s house safely and we all fell asleep almost immediately. 
It was a very good Christmas.

Another Christmas Eve

Our Christmas plans this year were to go to Eric’s mom’s on Christmas Eve and then head home to have our Christmas morning and then we’d go to my parents on Christmas Day around 2:00. 
Eric’s mom was concerned about us driving back and forth so much that she made the executive decision to have us celebrate on the 26th. That way we could just sleep over at her house on the 25th and not have to do so much driving.

In the end I was okay with that decision. We had a nice time last year doing our own thing on Christmas Eve, so we did it again this year.

We started out a little earlier this year and had plenty of time to make cookies for Santa and some of the kids went a little bit crazy.

I think we then played a game or two before dinner, but with my memory – who knows for sure. After dinner it was time to give the kids their Christmas Eve gift, which they all now know is pajamas. I thought I did a pretty good job this year.

The kids then changed into their pajamas and we sat down as a family to watch The Forgotten Carols on DVD. I was glad we chose a movie that helped us focus on the real meaning of Christmas.

It was then getting late so it was time for bed. We knew Santa was getting close and so did the kids so they didn’t fight us.

Peppermint Holly: Night Twenty Four

Then there came a time when the Shelf Elf put me to shame…
Instead of a cute little note card, Peppermint Holly decided that her actions needed a bigger explanation and left a whole letter for the kids.
“My Dear Hardy Friends,
As I prepare to travel with Santa tonight, I wanted to make sure I took the chance to really ponder on the true meaning of Christmas.
I borrowed your mom’s scriptures and read the real Christmas story last night while it was quiet and I really had time to ponder. The story is found in Luke.
I’ve been thinking a lot about Joseph and the kind of man he really must’ve been to care for Mary during pregnancy and to help raise Jesus. Neither one could’ve been easy. He must’ve been a very special man.
I hope you will each take time to read the real Christmas Story and ponder what you read. It’s the real reason we celebrate the season and there’s a reason it’s so very special.”
                                                                                                                                 Peppermint Holly
I found it interesting that Peppermint Holly’s focus was on Joseph. I’ve always admired him. My thoughts, however, have been with Mary this holiday season. I fully admit that it’s most likely due to the fact that I am round with child as well.
I’ve only been ‘really’ pregnant around Christmas time one other time and that was with Shaylyn. But at that point in my life, I wasn’t too much of a thinker. Things were just how they were and that was that. At this point in my life, I spend a lot of time thinking about different things. And particularly at this point my thought are on my baby and this pregnancy.
While overall and compared to most, this pregnancy hasn’t been difficult – it has been for me. It’s drained most any energy I have and any random, stupid issue that happens with pregnancy – I’ve had. But, I have a soft, warm bed to spend all day in and in a warm house. I have kids around me that can grab things when I need something and a husband who really lets me get away with a lot.

Mary’s life wasn’t so easy. I can’t imagine riding on a donkey miles away to a new city. Even the car annoys me at times. Then they find out the only place they can stay is in a place where you keep animals, ugh. The smell alone would be hard enough to handle. Poor Mary has to deliver this baby in such a cold, uninviting environment and yet she still does so without complaint.

I can see so many reasons why God chose Mary to be the mother of Jesus. A lot of us tend to yeild to the natural man and complain about things we don’t think are right or complain when we think life hasn’t been fair to us.

Thinking of Mary, I want to make a better effort to be what the Lord would like me to be. To complain less about frivolous things. To try to be the person that the Lord knows I can be. It’ll take a lot of work, but things that are worth it always do.