Springtime Blues

Lately I find myself wandering fabric aisles of stores I go to. I rarely have an idea in mind of what I’m looking for and just kind of let my eyes guide me.

That’s what happened with this last round of fabric that I got a hold of. It just caught my eye and I grabbed it. I came home from Hobby Lobby and when my husband realized where I went he immediately asked how much I spent. He knows me all too well.

BUT!!!! Guys, I didn’t spend more than $20 that trip. I considered it a huge success. I also think my husband was slightly surprised at the number I gave him and he didn’t say another word. Which means, I did good.

It was a few weeks ago and what jumped out at me were a couple fabrics that screamed Spring to me. So here’s a look at the two newest additions to the shop:



My favorite part was finding glitterfied ribbon to accent these bows with. They pretty much make the bows and are so much more sparkly than the picture shows.

And in case you missed it, my dear friend has helped add a few more options to the shop. INCLUDING bow holders!!! Check it all out!


New In The Shop

Lately I spend weekends making bows. Which I find enjoyable and somewhat relaxing. Plus, it’s a great way to spend a weekend.

I’ve been doing a lot of fabric bows lately, but that’s because they are fun and the husband can’t get after me for spending money on a sewing machine I never use. Hahaha.

Here’s a look at a few of the bows created a couple weekends ago…


First up, we have KIDDIN’ KITTEN:


I honestly could not resist this fabric when I saw it. I’m not really even a huge cat person, but I love word plays. So the phrase, ‘You’ve got to be kitten me’ drew me in. Grey is such a classic color and I loved the hints of blue, pink and teal that were also used.

Next up, POLKA-DOTTY in RED:


I’m a fan of polka-dots. So when I run across polka-dot fabric, I’m gonna be suckered into buying it. It’s a problem. I also love the classic look and feel of red and white together. (Just don’t tell my husband)

And that brings us to our final bow:



We just talked about my love of polka-dots, but I also love yellow! It’s my second favorite color, so I also get drawn to things that are yellow. Yellow just makes me happy and brings a smile to my face. It brings a bit of ‘sun’ to even the darkest days.

There’s a look at the new bows available in the shop. You can shop right from this website or from our Etsy shop.

Look for some more fabric bows coming up in the next little while. And don’t forget about our St. Patrick’s Day bows. If you order something that has a St. Patrick’s day themed bow in it, you’ll get 17% off your order.

March GIVEAWAY: Wearin’ O’ The Green

It feels good to be back in the game again, and especially to celebrate one of those holidays that is just meant for fun. No hidden gimmicks or expectations. Just fun. And that’s coming from someone who doesn’t necessarily like the color green. HAHAHA!

For this month’s GIVEAWAY, we’re giving away both a stacked boutique bow AND a fabric bow. I went a little crazy with my creations this month and I have even more projects that just haven’t been finished yet.

Anyway, onto the giveaway…

Here’s what you’re going to be going after:


The giveaway will go until March 7, so that hopefully the winner will receive the bows by St. Patrick’s Day.

To enter make sure to follow the instructions on our Facebook page and/or our Instagram page.

Feelin’ Lucky???

A new month with a holiday is upon us. This meant it was time for some bows to celebrate the month, especially since we all need something to keep us from getting pinched on the 17th. Even just the smallest bit of green and we are ‘safe.’

We’ve created 3 different bows to celebrate this month. 2 of them are fabric bows and 1 of them is a stacked bow.

First up are our fabric bows:


::shamrock fields forever::


::lucky one::

You can find these bows in the Fabric Bows section of our site, in the Holiday Bow section and/or on our Etsy site.

The final bow for March is a stacked bow and it was so much fun to create. It’d been a long while since I was able to make stacked bows and I was so glad to be returning to it.


::lucky greens::

Lucky Greens can be found in our Stacked Bows section, our Holiday Bows section and/or on our Etsy site.

November GIVEAWAY: Gobble Til’ You Wobble

It’s a new month, November!

November is my favorite month of all the year. I love Fall and I love that the Holiday season seems to begin with Thanksgiving. When you factor in the fact that my birthday, my husband’s birthday and our anniversary are all in November, of course it’s going to be my favorite.

November’s bow is a flower looper bow. I love that it’s a different look, but is still super cute. I present to you: Gobble Til You Wobble…


This GIVEAWAY will be going on over on our Facebook page and on Instagram. To have a greater chance of winning, make sure you are following us in both places.

And make sure you keep watching. New bows are added fairly regularly and we’ve already got December’s giveaway planned.