My baby brother was born when I was 15. So, I just liked to think of him as, ‘My Baby’ until I had kids of my own. I babysat him a lot and when I got married I had him come keep me company quite often. Not sure how much he enjoyed it, but it was fun to have him around.

This brother and my #3 kiddo also happen to share a birthday. My brother didn’t really like sharing a birthday those first few years, but now that everyone is older and more spread apart, it’s okay.

I’ve always tried to recognize both boys when I threw family parties for my son. The year of this layout, I gave my brother his gift at my son’s party. It was a gift that he put on his wish list and one I knew my mom WASN’T going to give him. It was a fun gift. Too bad my kids aren’t very good at acting scared. HAHAHA!



TEMPLATE: Play All Day by Connie Prince
KIT: Galactic Heroes by Boomers Girl Designs
FONTS: TXT Hunka Spunk (Quote Strip), Orange LET (Journaling)


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