His Mama

First things first…I don’t normally use the word ‘Mama.’ I prefer to use it in the form of: ‘Momma’. But in the case of this layout, ‘Mama’ seemed the better route to go.

I made this layout shortly after the Gingerscraps Playlist challenge (I was voted off, sad), so music was still in my mind. I still have a few ideas playing off of songs that I want to use, so you might see more in the upcoming days.

Also something you need to know: I used to be huge into country music. It had something to do with the fact that I worked days when I first got married and my husband was usually working nights. To keep myself entertained I watched a lot of TV. But TV could get boring and I found myself watching a lot of country music videos back in the day. In so doing, I found a few country artists I enjoyed.

As the years have passed, I don’t love country as much as I once did. I’m more a pop kind of girl. But thanks to Facebook, I still know what’s up with a few country stars. So when Faith Hill and Tim McGraw recently did an album together I was drawn to a few songs. One of those songs was: “Speak To A Girl. In the song are the lyrics: “You better respect your Mama, respect the hell out of her.” And while they are probably referring to the man/woman relationship, I couldn’t get that phrase out of my head.

If there’s one person in this world that my husband has the most respect for, it’s his mom. He was the baby and is a total Momma’s Boy, but he also knows what he has in his mom and he makes sure that lady is respected. Respect is a big thing to him and he will get after the kids if they don’t treat me right, and it’s even more so with his mom. I don’t think he’s ever said an ill worded thing about his mom in the entire 20+ years that I’ve known him.

So, that’s where the inspiration comes for this layout:

(And I know it’s more Easter….I’m sorry. We had a lot of pictures from last year.)



TEMPLATE: Find The Fish by Connie Prince
KIT: One Happy Day by Trixie Scraps
FONT: Winter Calligraphy


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