Springtime Blues

Lately I find myself wandering fabric aisles of stores I go to. I rarely have an idea in mind of what I’m looking for and just kind of let my eyes guide me.

That’s what happened with this last round of fabric that I got a hold of. It just caught my eye and I grabbed it. I came home from Hobby Lobby and when my husband realized where I went he immediately asked how much I spent. He knows me all too well.

BUT!!!! Guys, I didn’t spend more than $20 that trip. I considered it a huge success. I also think my husband was slightly surprised at the number I gave him and he didn’t say another word. Which means, I did good.

It was a few weeks ago and what jumped out at me were a couple fabrics that screamed Spring to me. So here’s a look at the two newest additions to the shop:



My favorite part was finding glitterfied ribbon to accent these bows with. They pretty much make the bows and are so much more sparkly than the picture shows.

And in case you missed it, my dear friend has helped add a few more options to the shop. INCLUDING bow holders!!! Check it all out!


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