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The Gingerscraps Survivor challenge for this week was all about the playlist.

This challenge both excited me and made me nervous. I LOVE music and my music tastes are so varied. I thought it would take me DAYS to figure out a song. I didn’t really have days to figure out a song, though. Somehow, in the end, I came to You’re Gonna Be by Reba McEntire.

This was a layout I put a lot of heart into. This song ALWAYS makes me cry. The video makes me cry even more. Being a mom is a tough job, a rewarding job – but tough. There are days where it’s hard to see the silver lining and days when it seems the good times will never end. But there are always SO many challenges and each kid comes with their own set of struggles and challenges.



TEMPLATE: P2012 January by Connie Prince
Baby Love by Connie Prince
FONTS: Traveling Typewriter (Word Bits, Picture Phrases) and my own handwriting (Journaling)

I won’t tell you how many hours it took just to get the journaling done. I wanted to use word strips for important meanings, but found doing whole phrases made the page seem messy and cluttered. So in the end I went with creating word pieces that look like they came from a label making machine. Time consuming, but I think it was worth it.

For each kid I put a phrase from the song that really seems to fit them and something I would want them to know:

TANIS – “Now I know what scared is.” 
He was my first born and I thought that because I’d been around babies for a huge chunk of my life, it would be easy. I was wrong. There’s a whole new level of fear that comes when you realize this little person is depending upon you for EVERYTHING. Plus, as he grows up I’m experiencing all these new things and I’m scared to death about when he leaves home. So much fear.

SHAYLYN – “I hope I have the {answers} that you need.”
This girl has always been a smart cookie. She catches on to things quickly and understands more about the world than I do at times. But she’s still a girl and all girls need their mom’s at times. I’m just hoping that I’ll always have the answer that my little girl needs.

ALEXANDER – “I’m afraid you’ll have to suffer through some of my mistakes.”
1 or 2 kids is ‘easy’. Dad takes care of one kid, mom takes care of the other. It’s ideal. When you throw kid #3 into the mix, suddenly you’re outnumbered. What are you going to do? Poor Lex gets the brunt of all these mistakes. Thank goodness he has such a good attitude and is forgiving of the mistakes I make A LOT.

NATHANIEL – “You’ll have to live with all the choices that you make.”
This is a kid who tends to act before he thinks things through. However, after we make him stop and think about his actions he know EXACTLY what he did wrong and what he should’ve done instead. He’s had to learn some hard lessons already and he’s learning that choices always have consequences.

AILEY – “You’re gonna cry, but know that that’s okay.”
Being a girl is hard. We have emotions we don’t always know how to express, and a lot of times it ends up being expressed through tears. This is certainly true of my baby girl. She cries when she’s mad, sad, tired and confused. I want her to know that it’s okay to cry and sometimes that’s the only way to feel better.

JACEN – “Sometimes life’s not fair. Sometimes bad is good.”
He’s still young, but it’s a lesson we all need to learn at some point. I just hope my kid can learn it sooner rather than later.”

ZACHARIAS – “Life has no guarantees.”
I was convinced Jace was the last baby. But I shortly realized he wasn’t. But getting Zach to this world proved more difficult than it had ever been before. During this time I learned very much that life has no guarantees. Everything can change on a dime. Nothing is set in stone. Sooner we come to that realization, the better off we’ll be.

The song lyrics at the top are the song phrases I also liked. The colored word bits coordinate with something I wanted for each gender of kids. The pink are parts of Shaylyn’s and Ailey’s ‘phrases’, the blue for the boys and the yellow are phrases I also really liked, but that didn’t necessarily stick out to me to fit one kid.

That’s probably the most information I’ve given on any layout I’ve done…Wow.

Now to wait for the judging to be over…I’m super nervous for this week.



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