Just Roll With It

Being involved in the Survivor challenge at Gingerscraps, sometimes involves immunity challenges. The immunity challenge for this week was to create a layout about a favorite snack or treat. The only real big rule to follow was that the word treat had to be involved in your layout somewhere.

Thanks to my mother in law, I went straight to cinnamon rolls. She had sent me a picture of a my 31st birthday (that was years ago, just FYI) where she did cinnamon rolls for me instead of cake. She asked me if I remembered it…I didn’t. I kind of worry about my brain as I get older.

So I went with cinnamon rolls and found a template with circles to go with the whole roll theme.



TEMPLATE: Follow Your Heart (Retired) by Connie Prince
KIT: Follow Your Heart (Retired) by Connie Prince
FONT: TestarossaNF

The fact that I had 3 different pictures with which to work with should speak for themselves…I might even have more stashed away in my computer files.

Sadly, I didn’t gain immunity. All entries were entered into one big thing and then random pages were drawn. I just didn’t happen to be the lucky one. I supposed the Luck of the Irish wasn’t with me that day…Sad.


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