Grandma Shirley

Another kit was gifted to those who are part of Connie Prince’s Facebook group, I’m telling you you should join.

This kit was totally unexpected, but when I saw it I knew what I was going to do with it.

It was another picture from this past Easter (I know, I know), but the colors in the kit just went with it. I guess I chose great colors for last Easter. HAHAHA!

Eric’s mom is so great with the kids, and always has been. As I mentioned before, when we decided when we were going to do pictures, Eric’s mom tried to dress to match us. She really, really wanted pictures with all the grandkids.

Well, we did the best we could. Jace was ornery and Zach didn’t really want to hold still, so we only got 1 semi-good one with all the kids. But, there were a couple good ones of the kids who knew what was good for them.



TEMPLATE: Be The Magic by Connie Prince
KIT: Life Is Grand by Connie Prince
FONT: Bernard MT Condensed (Yellow Title), BlackJack (White Title & Journaling)


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