Squad of Perfect Gentlemen

The online store where I buy most of my digi scrap kits from is not only a store, but it also has a forum and a gallery. Ocassionally I will take a look into the forum and see what’s going on.

Every year they do a Survivor type contest. Each week there is a challenge and we have to scrap a page for that challenge following all the criteria. This year the theme is Road Trip.

The first challenge had to do with squads. The layout could really be about anything as long as it was a ‘squad’ and your layout had to have the word squad in it somewhere. Most of the layouts I was seeing had to do with who you’d take on a road trip with you. My mind wasn’t focused on road trips, so I got worried. But after looking at some FAQ’s, it was mentioned that it DID NOT have to be road trip related. Phew.


My mind was on a different sort of topic.

If you know me at all, you know I like comfy clothes and that usually means a t-shirt. But I don’t like boring t-shirts. The shirts I like have to have SOMETHING on them. A short time ago, I was searching through an online store and ran across this:


And since that day, all that’s been on my mind are characters that have gotten killed off my favorite shows. It didn’t help that a few days after my shirt window browsing episode, there was a .gif challenge on Facebook about a character you miss from a tv show.

So with those things on my mind, I decided to do a page about the characters killed off in some of my favorite shows. For awhile it seemed like every show I watched killed off my favorite character. It’s not my fault it was usually a guy…hmmm…

Because their deaths were so traumatic, I kind of forgot them and needed Eric’s help to remind me of the characters deaths that haunted me. He named a couple and then suddenly they all came back to me.


I do need to warn you that my layout includes characters that die in their shows. If you haven’t watched and might want to start watching Stargate:Atlantis, Smallville, The Ghost Whisperer or Medium don’t look at this layout, unless you want things ruined for you.

You’ve been warned.

Onto the layout:



TEMPLATE: Best Concert Ever by Connie Prince
KIT: He’s All That by Aprilisa Designs
ALPHA: Imagine That Alpha Add On by Connie Prince
FONTS: Footlight MT Light (Journaling), Mom’s Typewriter (Names on pictures)

I am super excited to say I made it to the next challenge. Wish me luck!!! Also, I need to buy that dang t-shirt….


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