You and I

Sometimes a kit will come out and it will just call to you. Such was the case with one of Connie Prince’s newest releases, Plant Seeds. She released it shortly after my guesting time was over and I was super bummed cause I didn’t have the funds to purchase it at the time.

But the kit stayed in my memory, and I knew which pictures I was going to use and the theme. So once tax refund came through, I made sure I threw a little money towards this kit.

This layout was only difficult to create because I wanted it to convey things I can’t convey with words…

My mother in law is simply amazing. She’s seen me through many ups and downs and still continues to cheer me on (and up). I was super blessed to get to have her in my life.

Pictures are important to her, almost as much (if not more so) as they are to me. So she tries to get pictures on Easter and Christmas of our family. This past Easter she wanted pics with her grandkids so she tried to match her clothes to the colors I chose and it worked wonderfully. As did the kit I worked with.

It was important to me that we also get pictures of her with her son and I didn’t want to be left out, so we took a couple of the two of us. When our husband/son is behind the camera, we have a hard time being too serious.



TEMPLATE: Fall Fun by Connie Prince
KIT: Plant Seeds by Connie Prince
FONTS: The Great Escape and Sophia



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