The Royal Treatment

Facebook isn’t always a bad place to be. Sure, it tends to always lead to wasting time – but there are good things to be found as well.

For instance, if you join Club Connie Prince on Facebook – you occasionally end up with free gifts. Like a whole stinkin’ kit. That’s where I snagged the kit used to scrap the two layouts below.

The kit is called Royal Treatment and there are numerous possibilities in ways to use this kit. Here’s two of the ways I used it.

Years ago, we went to a children’s museum with my husbands family. It was a great place for the kids to run around and explore…and as you’ll see in the layouts below – sometimes it was a great place for the adults to explore as well.

Both layouts have pictures taken in the same place, but they are of two different people. My daughter and my husband.

Shaylyn absolutely loved dressing up and playing Queen for a day. She was in the dress-up stage at this point in her life.


Then came my husband. He’s not huge on pictures and really only cooperates if his mom or I am taking the picture, and that’s because he loves us. He is actually more cooperative for his mom than me, truth be told. But you get what you get. So when I get the chance to scrap pages about just him, it’s kind of fun for me.

Eric would’ve loved to have lived in the days of kings and queens and the whole Knights of The Round Table time. But since he wasn’t born until years and years later, he has to live vicariously through books and movies…and set ups in museums.



TEMPLATES:  Connected by Connie Prince (Queen For A Day), It Take Two Vol. 13 (Throne Fits) by Connie Prince
KIT: Royal Treatment by Connie Prince
FONTS: Amazone BT (Queen For A Day), Viner Hand (Throne Fits)


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