All-Star Smile

I tell you, folks…working with old pictures is super bittersweet. I miss these little tiny faces. Why do kids have to grow up, why???

Years ago we put our oldest in a baseball training thing. So I spent a lot of time hanging out at a ball field with a baby and a 2/3 year old daughter. Some days were hard, some days were okay.

One day I had my camera and got some super cute shots of my now 13 year old. Back then I had no way of knowing that this kid would be the ball player and that his older brother wouldn’t want a thing to do with it. I’m kind of sad my 13 year old has decided not to play this Spring. I’m still kind of hoping he’ll change his mind.

Anyway, he’s always been a happy kid. He likes to make people laugh and he doesn’t stay down for too long. He also always has a smile ready for anyone who needs one. I’m glad that hasn’t changed much as he’s grown up.



TEMPLATE: You’ve Been Framed by Kate Hadfield
KIT: Genuine Boy by Just So Scrappy (Personal shop currently under construction)
FONT: Sketch Block


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