Day 13: Too Much TV

Oh my heck…today’s challenge took me through a bit of a rabbit’s hole. Darn YouTube!

Challenge: A Favorite TV Theme Song

Why does there have to be so many good options. I started listing a list in my head and a lot of the late 80’s/early 90’s tv themes came to my head. I was going to start listing them all, but decided against that.

I decided I’d go with a few more recent faves. Figured it’d be easier to narrow down since a lot of shows now don’t really have theme songs per se.


#1 – Psych
I miss this show for so many reasons. But the theme song is one that definitely stays with you.

#2 – The Big Bang Theory
I was so hesitant to watch this show when Eric was telling me what it was about. Little did I know how much I would like it. And when you’ve got an actual band doing the theme song, you’re going to go places.

#3 – Pretty Little Liars
Started watching this show because of all the hype. Then I got drawn in and just wanted answers. Another catchy theme song, with just the slightest hint of mystery.

And I think I’ll end there. My brain is fried today and I keep getting sucked down that dang rabbit hole.


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