Day 11: My Sister

We all need some uplifting in our lives, music can do that. Of course it can also do the opposite, but we’re not focused on that today.

Today’s Challenge: A song that puts you in a good mood

There are soooo many songs that I could’ve chosen for this. So many. I had to go through all my music to find the one I wanted to focus on. It took a bit, but I finally picked a winner.

Answer: My Sister by Reba McEntire


I was blessed with 2 incredible sisters. My older sister and I haven’t always gotten along great and we are almost complete opposites, but we have good times together. She’s always been a great aunt to my kids and as we’ve gotten older we’ve learned to agree to disagree and we’ve found more things that we share. We shared a room (and for some years, a bed) for most of our childhood and she was always there. My little sister and I led similar lives and have always had a good relationship. We used to spend a lot of time together, but then she moved farther away and life became busier as her kids got older. But we still enjoy each other’s company and she is one of those people I can cry to when I need to and she’ll always give me her shoulder.

I could have a similar conversation (as the song) with either of my sisters. We really don’t see each other as often as I would like, and when we are able to get together it’s usually with all of our kids as well, so being Mommy overtakes being friends.

This song always makes me think of my sisters and though I miss them when we go long periods without seeing each other, I look forward to the times we can. I also remember how much fun it is to have a sister and it just makes me happy. And though this song has different experiences than we have had, it still generates the memories we have shared in my mind.



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