Day 10: The Rest of Our Lives

Posting a day late because I was literally running around all day yesterday. It started with a trip to Urgent Care for Shaylyn who ended up with Strep (this came a day after Eric got diagnosed with it as well). After the Dr. I took Shaylyn home and left right again to head to the store to get her medicine and some groceries. Put the groceries away, then was able to sit for a short amount of time. But then I had to take Shaylyn to something she had to do, came home for about another hour, took another kid over to the church, picked up Shaylyn, made dinner, and back to the church to pick up another kid. It was crazy…

But now, onto the challenge for yesterday.

Challenge: A song you dedicate to someone special

Knowing that it’s February and I’m a little bit of a romantic, you had to know the subject for this challenge was going to be Eric.


I would normally go with ‘our song’ for this challenge, but because I’ve already posted about it a couple times this challenge, I’ll go with something else.

The Answer: For The Rest of Our Lives by Tim McGraw & Faith Hill


And if you’re interested, I even created a little video about Eric and I using this song. And just so you know the video came long before I even thought about doing this challenge.



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