Day 4: Stitches In New Americana

Hello, my friends. We’ve made it to day 4 of the 32 Day Music Challenge.

Today’s Challenge: A song your child loves that you’ve had enough of

Because I have 7 kids, I could have 7 answers. However, most of the kids listen to their music quietly and don’t disturb me with their musical choices. I’m thankful for that. And really, the songs I’ve chosen I don’t even dislike. It’s just that I’ve heard them so much, that I’m just kinda done with them for now.

Answer #1: Stitches by Shawn Mendes


Again, nothing against the song…This is Nate’s doing, however. Almost anytime we get in the car and he doesn’t have something of his own keeping him occupied, he asks me to play this song.

Answer #2: New Americana by Halsey


And this one comes from Shaylyn. I really like the chorus and Shaylyn actually introduced me to the song. Here’s where we reach a bit of a bittersweet part though…Shaylyn has figured out how to play this song on the piano and she can’t help but sing along. While I’m happy that she can play the song, she tends to play it almost everyday and well, I’m one of those people who get sick of hearing the same song, day after day.


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