Day 3: River/Walk On Water

Welcome to 32 Day Music Challenge Day 3.

Today’s challenge: A song that makes you switch radio stations.

Today’s answer: It’s a newer song by Eminem…not sure whether it’s River or Walk On Water. For all I know it’s neither. I’m just guessing by popularity ratings on ITunes.

There’s two genres of music I really don’t care much for. That’s Rap and R&B. And usually when I’m driving in the car I listen to music through my phone or IPad. Something I have control over. Sometimes I’ll listen to the radio, or if I’m with Eric in his car, it’s the radio playing.

The radio station we both listen to, however, plays pop songs. But one day this awful rap type song came on and I couldn’t believe it. I asked myself why in the world Eminem was playing on that station. I still don’t have an answer.

And no, I didn’t link to the song because…I don’t honestly know which one it is.


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