Day 2: Just The Way You Are

Today’s challenge wasn’t too much of a challenge. It may be the easiest one on the list for me.

Challenge: A song that was played at your wedding or on your last date.

We get to take things back about 19 years today when two crazy kids decided to spent the rest of eternity together. And yes, we were kids. At 19 I totally had the Ariel mindset: “I’m 16, I’m not a child anymore!” But now that I have a kid who is almost 18, yup we were young.


And for today’s answerJust The Way You Are by Billy Joel


We didn’t really have music playing during our reception, but Eric’s sweet aunt did play the piano before and after the ceremony. While she primarily focused on hymns before the ceremony, she surprised both of us by playing this song after the ceremony was over. It was such a sweet sentiment and one neither of us had asked her to do (at least, I think so). On our invitations we printed lyrics from the song and she was smart enough to figure it out.

And that my friends, is Day 2 in the books!


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