Freezing On The River

A few years ago, we had the great and fun opportunity to do the Provo River Christmas Cruise. We were supposed to go with Eric’s parents, but something came up for them and so we invited our close friends.

It was a little bit cold, but for being in December in Utah – it really wasn’t THAT bad. However, the kids all thought they were freezing 2 minutes out of the car while waiting to board the boat. As soon as we got going on the boat, etc. they forgot how cold they were and enjoyed the experience. You can read more about it, here. The pictures are missing however because Photobucket went crazy and thinks they should take all the money you have AND your first born. So I just haven’t gotten around to replacing photos.

So when Connie Prince came out with Winter’s Freeze, I decided to put it together with some of the pictures I took that night. It really was a fun layout to put together and it reminded me of the fun we had that night. One of these years we’ll have to do it again.


TEMPLATE: Winter’s Freeze by Connie Prince
Winter’s Freeze by Connie Prince
KG How Many Times (Journaling and Title Word Strips), Winter Calligraphy (Title)


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