I’m All About The Templates

I’ll be honest. If it wasn’t for templates, scrapbooking probably wouldn’t exist for me. Well, it still might – but I wouldn’t quite like my pages as much. I just don’t have an eye for things like that.

So anytime templates come around, especially a bunch of them – I grab them and go to work.

Connie Prince just released her 2018 January Template Bundle and it is FULL of beautiful templates to get your creative juices flowing.

I took 3 of the templates (1 from each pack, except White Space) and went to work.

The first template I worked with comes from the pack, In Pieces Vol. 13:



TEMPLATE: In Pieces Vol. 13 by Connie Prince
KIT: Dance The Night Away by Connie Prince
FONT: Park Avenue BT

The next template pack I worked with is, Full Circle Vol. 11:



TEMPLATE: Full Circle Vol. 11 by Connie Prince
KIT: #2017 July by Connie Prince
FONT: KG Seven Sixteen

Finally, I set to work with Ribbons and Papers Vol. 3. This page didn’t quite turn out the way I had wanted it to go in the beginning, but I adjusted and overall, I’m happy with the way it turned out.



TEMPLATE: Ribbons and Papers Vol. 3 by Connie Prince
KIT: Joyful Easter by Connie Prince
FONT: The Great Escape


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