Winter. I hate winter. I hate needing to travel in the snow, but like seeing it on the ground – but only during the holiday season when there’s pretty lights around too. In January and February it just looks dirty and bleak.

However, winter in Utah has been a little backwards this year. We’ve only had snow a couple of days and there isn’t really much snow to be found on the ground currently. So, we’ve been a little spoiled and it’s made it a bit more tolerable.

But winter is a good time to get a bunch of scrapping done and Connie Prince came up with a cute, fun kit for winter time. It’s a kit that could be used in other ways as well, but it screamed winter to me. You’ll especially like this kit if you have a thing for Polar Bears…

I went to work with pictures of my husband and I when we took a date night to go see Luminaria at the Thanksgiving Point Gardens. Even though there wasn’t much snow, it was COLD!



TEMPLATE: Polar Opposites by Connie Prince
Polar Opposites by Connie Prince
KG Ten Thousand Reasons


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