#2018 January

I really haven’t been doing nothing. I was doing plenty of projects for Christmas and then I got sick for quite literally the whole month of December, so things have just been slow.

However, a few months ago – Connie Prince held another guest CT call and I was thrilled to see she chose me to do 2 months. January is the first month and I was super excited to get to work.

Thankfully, my sickness has subsided enough that being on the computer isn’t too hard. Doing anything that requires movement, however, is. Anyway…

So shortly before Christmas I got all the info necessary to start my January guest spot. It took me till after Christmas to get busy, because you know – sickness, Christmas, craziness.

When I finally got situated, I took a hold of one of Connie’s newest sets, #2018 January. I’m telling you, you are going to want the bundle, as well as all of the add-ons. There is just soooo much in this set.

I struggled for a bit at first, trying to figure out just how to use this kit. It’s beautiful, but I was feeling like I just didn’t have any pictures to ‘go’ with the kit. But then I saw the butterfly and that was the end of that.

While I didn’t go with the main theme of this kit, I was happy with what I was able to turn out. And that is 2 different layouts with both of my girls being the focus in each.


TEMPLATE – #2018 January by Connie Prince
KIT – #2018 January by Connie Prince
FONT – 2 Peas Grandpa


TEMPLATE – Fall Fun by Connie Prince
#2018 January by Connie Prince
Shorelines Script


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