I Built A Lego Family

I’m about to blow your mind with my next sentence. Are you sitting down? This revelation’s gonna be huge…

Here goes:

Men and women are different! Shocker, I know.

Seriously though, my husband and I have very differing hobbies. There are a couple things we enjoy that are the same, but overall – our likes are different. So anytime I find something that brings our two worlds together, I’m all over it.

The other day I saw something on the interwebs…some social media platform – can’t even remember which, but it was perfect for us.

Craft for me? CHECK
Cool font? CHECK
(I’m kind of obsessed with the typewriter fonts out there)
Legos for him? CHECK
Home Decor item for me? CHECK
Getting him involved with it? CHECK

See, if I do things that have some sort of something that he also enjoys, he’s more likely to be okay with me doing it. HAHAHA. Actually, he’s quite supportive of most of my hobbies whether it involves something he likes or not.

Anyway, I saw these Lego family frame type things and knew I had to create one too. About six months or so ago, Eric introduced us to a store that carries odd Lego parts and he took us there for us to all create our own Lego people. You can view the video here. Most of the kids went crazy and just designed funky looking characters. Our oldest daughter created one that was perfect for her and Eric and I tried to do the same.

Well, I didn’t feel it was nice to steal the Lego person our daughter created for my project and I wasn’t sure I wanted to use our first Lego people in this project, we also needed to create all the little people so we went to the same store, just a different location.

I felt like this location had less options, but we went to work anyway and created our new Lego family.

The planning for this craft took a lot longer than putting it together actually took. I tried to find a shadowbox frame, but didn’t. And because I’m not really a patient person, I grabbed a regular frame. One of these days I may find a shadowbox. Also, if I wasn’t so impatient, I would’ve spray painted the frame to match the other frames on this wall. Again, another project for another day.


Instead of super gluing the actual figure to the background, I only glued the gray blocks on. This way I can change out items and/or other pieces as needed.

And here’s a closer look at the individual pieces…


Though I was frustrated with the lack of pieces the store had, we found THE PERFECT head for Eric. The stubble was awesome, but also the way the eyes are. Eric does that thing with his eyebrows all of the time. He rarely goes without a ballcap and he has a nice office job and has to wear a badge. Also, his favorite color is blue. We thought we had an item for him, but I guess we missed that.


So making myself was super hard. There really wasn’t pieces that just screamed SHILO. We had to buy a premade figure for most of my character. But then we lucked out and Eric found a camera. It was something that was perfect for me. And when I actually take time to do my hair, it’s usually down and curled.


Our oldest is super interested in the Culinary Arts. His favorite class in school is a class called Pro Start, which is a step in the direction he needs to go. He even has a chef coat and cap to wear in that class. The first store we went to actually had a chef’s cap, but like I said that was months ago. This store didn’t have a cap, but we did get the uniform and a pan. Tanis was pleased with it. One day he’ll be able to make me some yummy food and I won’t have to lift a finger.


Our oldest daughter is very into art and when we went months ago, she created the perfect artist. White overalls, paintbrush and all. We didn’t have quite as much luck this time, so we did our best. One of her favorite colors is purple and she loves ponytails. When she brushes her hair, she spends like 15 minutes doing so, but always winds up with the softest, smoothest hair.


Lex was another one we had a bit of a difficult time finding the perfect personality for. We found a great hair piece, but the rest was hard. He loves the color red, so we did our best there. His new favorite thing is being a part of Stage Crew. He was super excited about the pieces he was building just before we started this project, so we went with some sort of tool. Lex was also pleased with his representation.


This kid came next and was also a bit difficult to do, but we made it work. His favorite color: green. The thing you can find him doing most often: playing video games. The piece we found was actually a walkie talkie type thing, but I cut the antennae part off to make it look more like a video game controller. Plus, it was green, so that was awesome.


We did the best we could to create a little girl. I wasn’t thrilled to do another pony tail, but there isn’t a lot of options for girl Lego’s as far as hair goes. We found a cute shirt and pants that matched. She’s carrying a little purse with her because our daughter has discovered that little purses are the perfect way to carry around her little Pet Shop figures, etc.


Best way to create little kids, use the little legs. It really helps! We found a cute kid like shirt, but ran out of options for something for the hand. When I found the banana I went with it. Bananas could quite literally be this kids favorite fruit. He eats them like candy. And of course, we went with the blonde hair as he’s pretty much the only blondie we’ve got.


Another blonde hair, but that’s cause I recently shaved this kids hair and it’s hard to tell just what hair color this kiddo has. The cup was the best representation we found for a sippy cup/bottle since he’s rarely seen without one in his hand.


And finally we have our dog, Cosmo. He is a chihuahua mix and so he is a smaller breed dog. The color is almost spot on and the only thing I would’ve changed is the eyes. I feel the eyes give the figure a more feminine look, but whatcha gonna do? We were lucky to find a tan, small dog figure.

And there you have our Lego family. And because of the way I put the Lego’s on, if we run across a few pieces that fit someone’s personality a little better – I can easily change it up.


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