First Allergy Attack

My husband has horrible allergies. He has issues all year long and not suprisingly he passed allergies on to some of our kids.

This past summer we were camping and the last night I noticed my baby’s eyes looking a little red and they were a little watery. I blamed it on too much sun (which, I scrapped a few days ago). The next morning his whole little face was swollen.

We packed up camp as soon as we could. Dropped all the other kids off at home, switched cars and took our baby to Urgent Care. The doctor had no idea what caused the reaction and neither did we. Because we were camping it could’ve been any number of things. Even maybe, the sun!

These pictures still make me tear up a bit, but this kid was a trooper and didn’t really even act like anything was bothering him.



TEMPLATE: Fall Fun by Connie Prince
Doctor’s Orders by Just So Scrappy


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