We Burn, Baby

The sun doesn’t like me. It really, honestly doesn’t. I get burned no matter what I do. Usually it’s because I forget to put on sunscreen…in the photos in this layout though, I actually had sunscreen on and it did nada for me. NADA!

I figured my kids would be mostly okay (they have their Dad’s genes and he doesn’t really ever burn), but we still lathered the youngest up with sunscreen. Guess what? My baby takes after me and the sun hates him as well. He got so burned that he got a blister on his cheek and because it was on his cheek, it popped. Fun times.

So here’s my way of having some fun out of an ouchie situation. Oh, and my baby gets major points because he didn’t really even act as though the burn bothered him. Bless his heart!

…Also, I hate selfies…



TEMPLATE: Ready for Spring (Retired) by Connie Prince
KIT: Summer Days by Just So Scrappy
ALPHA: Best Year Ever (Retired) by Connie Prince
FONT: Lane – Upper


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