A Little Bit Broken

I’ll admit it. I’m one of those moms who take pictures when not so good things happen as well as the good things. So when my son broke his wrist (and he broke it good), I made sure to take some pictures. Although, thinking about it now, my husband took most of the pictures in this layout, so I’m not completely to blame.

Anyway, it was quite the experience and I needed to document it. I just never found a kit I wanted to use. Until, Just So Scrappy put her whole store on sale (Side note: until the end of the month you can get A LOT of kits for very little money. We’re talking .75 for a whole kit). I found the perfect kit to tell the story.

The most important part of the story I wanted to remember was my child saying ‘Thank You’ to the Dr. after the bone had been set and he had woken up from the drugs they use to put him under while the set the bone.



TEMPLATE: Tucked Vol. 2 by Connie Prince
KIT: Doctor’s Orders by Just So Scrappy
FONT: Love Ya Like A Sister Solid


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