Patriotic T’s

If there’s one thing you need to know about me, it’s that I’m a procrastinator. Big Time! And you’d think after all these years of being a procrastinator, I’d learn something. But apparently I still haven’t…

Independence Day was quickly approaching and I was really debating about doing t-shirts. I really like the idea of it, but I was uncomfortable spending the money at this point.

I had filled 3 shopping carts online at different places and I wasn’t completely happy with everything I found for everyone. And then the final price after shipping (because I’d have to do 2 day shipping or something) wasn’t something that sat well in my stomach either.

Then, thanks to my little sister, I had the bright idea to just make t-shirts. She had made some for her kids and nieces and nephews for when her brother-in-law came home from his mission.

In my mind, I figured it’d be cheaper.  And I could make them say whatever I wanted. And I’m not so much for serious shirts, I figured it was a better route.

So somehow I convinced my husband to take me to Hobby Lobby as that was the only place near us that I knew had heat transfer vinyl. Hobby Lobby also has plain t-shirts, if you want to know AND they are a great price. Had I just bought the shirts, it would’ve been under $40 for 9 t-shirts. But then I went and got the vinyl and then the price went up.

When all was said and done, I still think I saved some money doing our own shirts, but it wasn’t a lot. However, the fact that I could make them say whatever I wanted was worth it. And my husband is awesome and didn’t complain about my wacky idea. He was a bit concerned about the timing, however.

Independence Day was on Tuesday, and we went to Hobby Lobby on Saturday night. After Hobby Lobby we went to my husband’s psuedo part-time job and spent the night there. While he was doing whatever he was doing, I was trying to design and come up with ideas for the shirts. So, I wasn’t totally wasting my time.

Sunday rolled around and I decided it was best to spend the majority of the day with the family. A few hours before bedtime I decided I had better finish designing the shirts. Monday rolled around and after cleaning the house, I got busy. This was at like 1 or 2 and this project honestly took me until about 10 or 11. Literally ALL DAY!

Part of that was because I was trying to use the vinyl colors the smartest way and not waste any, another problem arose because the baby took off with one of the shirts and we had to search the house for it. (He put it in a dresser drawer of one of his brothers)

Here’s a look at the finished projects:


And a closer look at the tees on my wonderful models…

We’ll start with the baby. I was apparently very psychic when I made his shirt because this kid didn’t mind fireworks AT ALL. He’s my first baby that hasn’t. He didn’t scream or cry or anything really and it was especially surprising because we started fireworks an hour past his bedtime. If anything, he wanted to go play with the pretty lights like his daddy. He’s also a moving target, so it’s hard to get great pictures of him. He also had a stupid cold, so we get the lovely raw nose pictures.



Next up comes my 3 (almost 4!!!) year old. I call him ‘dude’ all of the time, so it was only fitting that his t-shirt included that.



For my baby girl it was all about the glitter and glam. She was ecstatic when I showed her her shirt. Sadly, we didn’t get great pictures of her because she was a bit tired by the time we got around to it.


Next up is the kid who is willing to try anything and the one who would probably light a million fireworks off at once if he was allowed to.


My next kid is the one who eats a lot. So it was only fitting his shirt have something to do with food.


When I originally started the designs for the shirts, I was trying to go with shirts they could wear more often. Obviously I scrapped that idea as I went along, but because I designed my teen daughters shirt first, hers is one she could wear whenever. It is also very fitting for her personality.


My oldest has been a fan of Harry Potter for forever and when I saw sayings online using the word ACCIO, I knew I had to do something with it. It took me awhile to come up with the right word, but I eventually did. He later told me what accio really means and so translated it sounds funny, but you live and learn.


When it came time for my shirt, I really struggled. Like really struggled. I wanted something humorous but was coming up empty. Then I came across a design with wordage I really liked and I played on that.


Finally it was time for the husband. His opinion on getting shirts for one day is that it’s a waste, and he hates matching other people, but he’s good to play along with my wild ideas. I had to find just the right saying for him and I found it. A lot of our friends really laughed about his shirt.


It was even more funny when I saw him standing by the table of fireworks and I told him to pose for a picture. (I told you he tries to be cooperative)


It was definitely one of my more crazy ideas and much more time consuming, but I’d do it all again. And I just might.


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