My History: My Father – Part One

So over a year ago I had bookmarked a site so that I could start writing some of my personal history out. I had great plans that once I got the blog all caught up I could post a little bit daily.

But you all know me and the blog isn’t anywhere near caught up at all. But something inside of me is pulling me to write a little more history type stuff instead of this is what we are doing stuff…I don’t know.

Anyway the site I was originally looking at has now changed up a bit and has a little different of history writing prompts. It’s set up for a few questions each month. It looks kind of fun and I decided I’d start there. These prompts were found at

I could start at the beginning, but that’s all about goals and well, I’m not great with goals, nor could I answer those questions at the moment. So I scanned down the page a bit more and found that June is all about Fathers, which is fitting.

So we’ll start my history here:


This question makes me kind of chuckle. I’ve always felt like (and heard from some people) that I resemble my dad more than my mom. In fact, after my paternal grandmother passed away, someone gave my uncle a family history type book. While he was going through it he passed by a picture that he thought looked like me when I was young. I could see why he thought that way and I wish I had the picture to share, but I don’t. The best I can give you is this:

My dad and I are both fairly quiet people. We both try to avoid confrontation and rarely speak what’s really on our minds. If we have an argument with someone, we just want to walk away and figure it out on our own. (Thankfully, I have a husband who doesn’t let me get away with this during our arguments) We’d rather just pretend nothing happened instead of drawing attention to it.

We both enjoy watching sports (Although he enjoys it more than I do), we have very similar ideas on what camping should entail and we both love sugar more than we should. (I will say he’s done better at cutting down on sugar recently) And in all honesty we both have a bit of a temper. I’m pretty sure we’d also be down for a burger at anytime, anywhere.

Obviously we are also very different as he is a guy and I am a girl. HAHAHA

The first thing that stands out to me in how we are different, is in our likes. I love musicals and my dad really can’t stand them. (We’ll discuss this more in a few days) My dad doesn’t mind roap trips, I can’t stand them. My dad can get really into politics and I try to stay out of politics. The books my dad reads are forever long and look incredibly boring, but he reads a lot.

My dad doesn’t understand why you’d buy a movie after you’ve already seen it. I used to feel the same way, but have since changed my ways and understand just WHY you buy movies after you’ve already seen them.

My dad absolutely HATES noodles. They remind him of worms too much and so he won’t eat them. Me, I can’t get enough. I need all the noodles. All the pasta. All the time.

We both enjoy going to hot tubs when it’s raining or snowing. We’re kind of crazy like that.

My dad is a little more outgoing than I am and has an easier time talking to strangers and telling them his life story. I’m a bit more reserved and really don’t like talking to complete stranger and meeting new people.

My dad is very good with directions and reading maps. It wasn’t until a few years ago I could even tell which was was North, South, etc. My dad enjoys History, I think History is boring.

My dad was the oldest child and I am a middle child. I think this influences our personalities in some ways. We also had different lives growing up. He moved a lot as his dad was in the Air Force. Me? I lived in the same house until I got married. His dad wasn’t very involved as he never had a father figure to teach him how to be a dad, but my dad tried to be supportive and was there when we asked him to be. My dad only has 3 siblings and I have 6.

My dad isn’t on social media and I’m on it way too much. My dad doesn’t own a cell phone and mine is hardly ever out of my sight. My dad doesn’t see the need for a cell phone and that’s just fine. My dad can figure out his own taxes, I’ve never even looked into doing them myself. (Thank goodness for Eric).


I could go on, but I don’t think it’s necessary. We’ll find out more as the days go on about my dad.


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