The Dress

Way back at the end of January/start of February, a little boutique I follow on social media launched a new dress. It was an original design that the owner of the shop had finally been able to create and share. It was her own design and she was glad to share it with others.

Now if you know me, you know I’m not a huge fashion guru. Like at all. I’m much more comfortable in my jeans and a t-shirt (usually with a saying) and fancy schmancy just doesn’t work for my day to day life, but…

I loved the dress immediately. I looked at the price and didn’t love it quite as much. Then I looked at the sizes and the largest may not fit me. I debated over and over and over about if I should get the dress or not. I went to bed that night pretty much telling myself to forget about it.

The next day the owner shared a video of her in the dress and I wanted the dress even more than I had before. I asked Eric for his opinion…and I may or may not have purposely sent him a link to the royal blue dress on purpose. He told me that I should get it and he was okay spending the money for it.

I still debated it. It was a huge chunk of money to spend on something that may not fit. I took my question to the Facebook world. Everyone seemed to think I should just buy the dress. So being so great at not falling for peer pressure, I decided to buy the dress.

I think the dress was sold at a slight discount when it first came out and that made it more okay to spend the money. I also realized I had a coupon for $10 off that I could use. I felt a little better when I saw the total after those things came into play.

The dress arrived in only a few days (bonus perk to living in the same state and area as the boutique), but I was scared to try it on. Silly, I know. So it sat for a day or two until I decided I was brave enough to put it on. I had just gotten dressed for the day and so I threw it on over my clothes and was more than thrilled to see that it fit!

It was tight in a few areas and NO DRESS looks good with a pair of jeans bulking out underneath it, but it fit. I was thrilled and couldn’t wait for Sunday to come.

So I put the dress on for church and before heading out the door (9:00 church is hard to get to on time as is) I had Shaylyn snap a few photos. Yes, I need to work on my modeling poses.


I got a few compliments on the dress and it made my heart so very happy. I felt good in the dress and my husband liked it too. Yay!

So then Easter rolls around…I decide I want to do yellow for the girls, cause I like yellow. I had thought about getting this same dress in yellow, so I went and sadly – no yellow. I then sat on my decision for a couple days and while perusing other sites and finding next to nothing, guess what glorious announcement was made?

Yellow was one of the newest colors to be released in that dress. You better believe me when I say I jumped online and bought that dress ASAP. The only fear I had this time was how well (or not well) yellow would look on me.

I wasn’t as crazy about the yellow on me as I was the blue, but I was still happy. And now I want to get one in black, perhaps. But I own so much black it’s sad. And no, I’m receiving no compensation for this post. I just wanted to share it cause I love it so much. If you’re sold as well, check out SexyModest Boutique. You won’t be sorry.






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