The Good Stuff, Day 3


* I had the chance to go to lunch with my 2 bestest friends.

It had been a long time since we’d all been together, so it was awesome. And can I just say how great my husband is? In order for one of my friends to go, she needed someone to watch 3 of her boys. When I asked Eric if he was okay with that, he said yes. He also made sure he made their sandwiches and got them fed!

* We got free dessert!!!
And we didn’t even have to complain.
* I had a yummy smoothie with lunch.
And I made sure I sent a picture to Shaylyn to ‘brag’ since she loves strawberries. She replied in Chinese ‘curses’. I love that we can joke around like that.
* Shaylyn and I accidentally twinned.
I left the house while Shaylyn was getting ready and she got in the shower while I was getting ready, so we didn’t see each other until I got home from a baby shower. We laughed about it and I love that she doesn’t mind matching her mom. I got my outfit for my birthday and Santa brought one for Shaylyn.

* I almost finished my book.
* Eric stopped at the store on his way home from the game store and bought me a pair of ear phones.
It’s something I’ve needed, but never remember to get for myself when I’m at the store. So the fact he remembered was so awesome.

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