Back To School

It’s that time of year again…the kids all head back to school. And all of us moms take the first day of school pictures and some of us use cute little signage. Up until this year I never did the sign thing. Pretty much because I’m a procrastinator and I always hate when school starts up again.

This year I decided I’d be on top of things (and considering that we are in the middle of selling our house and life is pretty much choas right now, that’s saying something). It was also interesting that I got this done because my 7th grader got to go to school on a Friday to get familiar with the school, lunch time routine, locker, etc. without the 8th and 9th graders there. So I had to have this done even without having a weekend (Sunday Night) to prepare…

I could’ve just printed out one of the many available signs already out there, but I wanted something more. I went with the chalkboard look cause I’m pretty much in love with it right now and I also added a little something to the end that describes each child at this moment in their life.

If one of these works for your child, feel free to right click and save for your own kiddos. One of these days I might rework these and leave them with just the year on them….Maybe.

We start with 1st Grade:

Then it’s 3rd Grade.

The middle school comes next with 7th and 9th:

Finally, High School with 11th grade:
Happy Back To School Day!

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