I know, I know…I need to get more creative with titles. Someday it’ll happen…someday.

SimpleGirlScraps needed some layouts to go along with one of the $2 Tuesday sales that happen at Gingerscraps. Because I’m new to her team, I haven’t had a chance to play with most of her kits – so I jumped at the opportunity. (Besides, I needed a break from all things related to moving)

It only took me a few minutes while looking at the kit: Enjoy The Moment to realize where I was going to go with it. About a week previously, the kids and I had taken a day out to be with cousins and Grandma, at a place that’s special to us. I made sure to get pics with my little sister. My shirt matched beautifully with the kit and I love being with my little sister cause we get GREAT pictures.

Keep in mind we had a 14 year old using the camera and a 12 year old playing with the phone.


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