Elementary School? Check!

Somehow kids finishing elementary school seems to go so quickly. I can’t believe Lex is old enough to be done with elementary school. He was ready, me – not so much.

Our elementary school usually does a ‘graduation’ night of sorts and the day before Lex’s teacher emailed me to let me know that he would be receiving the Hope of America award.

From an article in a local paper, “The award is presented to those students who have demonstrated leadership, good character, scholarship and a willingness to serve others.”

I kept the secret from Lex, but was super proud of my kid. I was glad his teacher saw him as someone who possessed such wonderful qualities.

Lex also received a Presidential Fitness Award. He pretty much made sure he left his mark on 6th grade.

And as you know the awards portion of theses things go by so fast that the pictures I did get of it are super blurry.









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