A Visit With Grandma

When my mom. my sisters and I were discussing plans for our weekend (the one I didn’t end up having), we talked about going to have lunch with my grandma at her assisted living facility. In the end it didn’t end up being in the plans, so my mom decided that we should maybe go another time.
When she discussed it with me it was sort of a ‘girls only’ type visit and trip. However, that same message didn’t get around to the other sisters and so my little sister had her whole family with her and my little brother came as well and we had a great time.
The day started out with my girls (and Zach, cause Eric had to work at the game store) and I stopping at Chick Fil A to get our lunch and then Roxberry to get some smoothies. We then made our way to the facility.
My mom had got us a little dining room to all gather together in and my little sister was up getting grandma ready. While we were waiting for Grandma, my little niece was enthralled with her baby cousin.
During lunch Grandma said that she knew who each of us was. I wondered if she was saying it so that none of us felt bad, or if she was trying to make herself feel better or if she honestly, in that moment, KNEW.
She didn’t seem to have much of an appetite and tried to save the soup my mom had brought her for later. My mom knew that she wouldn’t eat it later and so she told my sister to trash it when Grandma wasn’t looking. Sad, but she did and I really don’t think Grandma remembered even five minutes later.
After we got the dining room cleaned up we headed up to Grandma’s room to visit for a bit. When the little kids got bored, my brother in law took the kids across the street to a school playground. We were thankful for that quiet it brought us.
Grandma had the best time meeting her newest great-grandbaby and I can’t tell you how enthralled Zach was with Grandma. He absolutely loved being with her. It’s as if he knew her spirit. I just watched in proud amazement.
We left shortly after that as we could tell Grandma was getting tired and the amount of people around was somewhat draining.
But I left in good spirits, thankful to have had to chance to let Zach meet his Great Grandma and a chance for Shaylyn and Ailey to visit with her again.



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