Two Birthdays And A Baptism

Nate’s baptism was May 14th.

Not only was it the day after Ailey’s birthday, it is Eric’s dad’s birthday. We didn’t have much choice on the date, so we went with it. We knew Dad would’ve been excited that such a special event happened on his birthday.

Because it was the day after Ailey’s birthday, we decided we’d just celebrate both birthdays and the baptism the same day. It worked out well as Ailey and Nate are pretty good friends and they had no trouble sharing the day.

I had a little more trouble combining an invite, but I figured it out.
We had two different themes, for very different people. I tried my best to make it work.
For the cakes, I made a candy pizza for Nate’s and Ailey got cupcakes with Shopkins on top. I tried my best to keep things simple.
The baptism was crazy as 3 other kids were getting baptized in our ward as well, but they do a good job at keeping the baptism to just the individual kid. It was a little hard to not have Eric’s dad as one of the witnesses, but we were thankful we had a really good friend there who was able to do the job. We definitely missed Grandpa.

After the baptism, we headed back home to celebrate these two jokers. They both had a great time and we were thankful for the family and friends who attended. And you should all thank me, because instead of posting the 80+ pictures – I just made a video.



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