Imagination Movers

My friend blogs at A Utah Mom’s Life and had a giveaway with 4 tickets for The Imagination Movers show. We don’t have cable, but my kids have seen a few episodes here and there on vacation or at Grandma’s house. Youtube is also great ::cough,cough:: for videos.

So when my friend did the giveaway I entered. I didn’t pay attention to WHERE the show was at and I thought the date was later than it was and I figured I wouldn’t even win. But then I did and then I noticed the date and place. I would need Eric to come along with us. He does better driving in certain places than I do. To say he was less than thrilled would be an understatement. But, he’s a good guy and he knew the kids would enjoy it so he helped me out.

I kept it a secret from Nate and Ailey and they were kind of excited about the surprise, but also weary that it would be something stupid. We stopped and had lunch at Burger King and then we headed to the show. I was surprised at the location and the lack of people there, but it was also a good thing as I hate crowds.

We went to get the tickets from Will Call and discovered that we would also need a ticket for the baby! Thankfully they didn’t give us any grief about it and gave us the 5 tickets. Still unsure why they thought the baby should have a ticket.

Then Nate and Ailey saw the sign advertising the show and they were excited.
But then we had to wait for the show to start and they were getting tired and anxious. It had been a long drive for them and they just wanted the show to start. I was happy to see that we had great seats quite close to the stage.
When it started though, it was quite a show and there were smiles all around. They are very good entertainers and even Eric and I were able to enjoy the show. Daddy even gifted Nate and Ailey one of the DVD’s they were selling in the lobby after the show.
It was such a great day and Eric was even able to go serve his time at the game store afterwards. HAHAHA!

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