March’s Mayhem

Here’s the quick recap of the other events that took place in March…
Why do we feel the need to take so many pictures of babies when they are young? I don’t know, but I’m extremely guilty of it.
Shaylyn is a great artist and shows such great promise. Here’s a look at one of her first art assignments for a class in school. They worked on drawing pictures using a grid on the original. She hadn’t quite finished the assignment when I took the picture, but it still looks good.
I love watching babies sleep…no matter how old the baby is. Plus, sometimes you get some awesome pictures.
On a bit of a whim, we decided to take the kids to see the new movie, Zootopia. The kids all enjoyed it and Zach made it super easy on us and slept through the whole thing.
If there’s one good thing I can say about the age of selfies, it’s that Shaylyn is good at taking some with her siblings. I wouldn’t get some of these moments without her.
Shaylyn got a pair of costume glasses for a decades dance she went to at school. Since then the little kids have found it fun to put them on. Gotta say, Jace looks pretty cool with them on.
Sometimes Jace enjoys being with his brother…
And here’s the downside of kids in a digital age. You find all sorts of fun things on your camera when you let the kids borrow your phone…


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