Winter’s Songs

Tanis had to run to the school to do an assessment type thing for band. Each band member had a time that they had to go play. I didn’t realize it at the time, but he didn’t even play for his band teacher. He was playing for strangers, who I think were actually college students.

He did a great job though and really overcame his nerves quite well. I was super proud of him.

The next night we found ourselves at the Jr. High for a world celebration. The school had different performers and activities that showcased life and languages in other countries. Shaylyn has been taking Chinese the past couple years and her teacher, this year, asked a few kids to sing, I’ll Make A Man Out Of You from Disney’s Mulan. 

If you watch the extra features, you’ll see that Jackie Chan sings this song in Chinese and does some of his famous moves as well. The Chinese teacher decided to do both. So Shaylyn was selected to help sing the song and even got to do the quick line that Mulan sings in that song. It was fun and she was so excited. We were happy to be there to see it.

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