Valentine’s Day 2016

Having a baby the week before Valentine’s Day means absolutely nothing is going to get done. And I mean NOTHING. The kids were getting excited and some of them had started doing a few things related to Valentine’s Day in school. Ailey had the chance to make some Valentine’s a few days ahead of time and she brought this one home:
I’m still not positive what it says. To me it looks like: I like lies. But if she likes lies, isn’t her saying that a bit contradictory? Who knows…
I was praying the kids would just make envelopes or something in class, but sadly – each and every one of the kids had teachers who thought the kids should make their own Valentine containers…UGH! 
I really had no creativity in my brain, but thankfully Shaylyn stepped up and filled in for me. She created some wonderful creations for her brothers and sister. Lex helped Shaylyn with his owl, but she did most of the work for each of them.
{…Skylanders for Nate, a Dalmation for Ailey…}
I kind of spaced Valentine’s Day, to be honest. So when it came up I had NOTHING for Eric. I felt bad, and I still do. But, he made sure to remember me. The biggest gift will be the next post, but the day before Valentine’s Day (14th), this little container arrived:
And it was filled with:
Purple and blue M&M’s. Purple is my favorite color and blue is his. But the surprise didn’t end there. He had special things printed onto these M&M’s…
Some had a picture of us printed on them, some had the phrase ‘Love You Smileybug’ and the rest read, ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’
Chocolate was a perfect choice for being only a few days postpartum.

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