The Best Valentine’s Gift

As stated previously, this post is about my big Valentine’s Day gift.

Knowing our baby was going to be born soon, we had set aside some money so that we could actually get pictures taken of our baby by whatever random company had won the privilege to do so. But then I had a baby during the weekend and therefore, we didn’t see any photographer whatsoever.

I was feeling a little down about it, but think I only mentioned it to Eric once. And even at that I didn’t think he paid much attention and it definitely wasn’t something he was going to mull over. Pictures just aren’t his thing and he had plenty of other things keeping his mind occupied.

I wake up the morning of February 15th and Eric asks me if I can have myself and the baby ready by 4:00.  I think I probably rolled my eyes a bit and then said, yes. Just before I went to get in the shower, I got a call on my phone asking for Eric. I thought that was odd but then just handed him my phone and got in the bath. Through the door I could hear him answering questions about the baby, but I just figured it was someone from the hospital working on records or something.

So we get all ready to go and we head out. As soon as we got close to the studio, I knew what the surprise was and I was close to tears. I expressed how I really was kind of sad that the hospital didn’t have anyone doing photos and Eric simply said that he knew and that he really does listen and knows what’s important to me.

The studio has you come a bit early for your appt. time so that you can feed your baby right before pictures so that they’ll most likely still be asleep for their pictures. It worked wonderfully for our baby, cause he was ready to eat the moment we got to the studio and then he was out.

We had a great session and I loved the way the pictures came out. And here’s a little video if you’d like to see them all. Photo credit goes to Camera Shy.

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