Another Christmas Eve

Our Christmas plans this year were to go to Eric’s mom’s on Christmas Eve and then head home to have our Christmas morning and then we’d go to my parents on Christmas Day around 2:00. 
Eric’s mom was concerned about us driving back and forth so much that she made the executive decision to have us celebrate on the 26th. That way we could just sleep over at her house on the 25th and not have to do so much driving.

In the end I was okay with that decision. We had a nice time last year doing our own thing on Christmas Eve, so we did it again this year.

We started out a little earlier this year and had plenty of time to make cookies for Santa and some of the kids went a little bit crazy.

I think we then played a game or two before dinner, but with my memory – who knows for sure. After dinner it was time to give the kids their Christmas Eve gift, which they all now know is pajamas. I thought I did a pretty good job this year.

The kids then changed into their pajamas and we sat down as a family to watch The Forgotten Carols on DVD. I was glad we chose a movie that helped us focus on the real meaning of Christmas.

It was then getting late so it was time for bed. We knew Santa was getting close and so did the kids so they didn’t fight us.

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