Another 25th of December

Having the ‘in’ that parents have with Santa, I know that he showed up exactly at midnight. Pretty amazing, if you ask me.
So I took a look at the stockings and tree when Santa finished his job. Santa had to do some quick thinking with stockings as I never got around to making new ones…Oops!
The kids were up at about 5 or 6. Eric got up shortly after that to make sure they didn’t get into things early. I finally pulled myself out of bed around 7 or 8. I’m mean and want my sleep!
Before gift opening happened, it was pictures in pj’s…Some kids weren’t so thrilled.
Then it was time to get down to business. Eric got his Santa cap on and I made sure I got pictures of everyone’s first gifts.
It then took us another hour or so to get through everyone’s gifts. These kids get spoiled, I tell you. I suppose they deserved it…
Eric surprised me with a stand mixer. The one I really want is more money than I want to spend, so I was extremely thrilled that Eric got me a different one. He actually listens to me more than I thought. I gave Eric a remote controlled Star Wars ship. He was a little sad because to really get the full fun of his gift, he needs to do it outside. And well we know this winter has been such a fun one, so he’s got to wait till Spring and Summer to really play.
We had enough time after opening gifts to really let the kids play with some and we even had some time to start putting things away.
We then headed to my mom’s and had a yummy lunch and had fun being together. My mom put together a game to figure out what her gift to all of us was. She divided us into couples and we had to figure out some puzzles. Both Eric and I were tired, so we didn’t do a very good job – eventually though someone else came up with the answer. Her gift was to take us all to one of those Mystery Escape rooms. We’re trying to come up with a date that works for all of us. It won’t be easy.
We stayed at my mom’s a little later than we probably should have considering Eric’s mom had the dogs and we were staying at her house that night. But, we got to Eric’s mom’s house safely and we all fell asleep almost immediately. 
It was a very good Christmas.

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