Here Comes Santa Claus

My good friend worked her magic and used her connections to get one of Santa’s helpers to come visit once again.

Originally my kids were going to have to miss visiting Santa because Eric got free tickets to the new Star Wars movie. However, as time went on and we discussed things a little more, we decided it’d be better for Eric to invite his brother to go with him and I could take the kids to see Santa.

A few of the kids were less than thrilled that I took them to see Santa, but they grudingly came along anyway. They know what keeps this mommy happy.
I’ve got to say I really enjoy the helper my friend knows. He really interacts with the kids and pays attention to what they say. 
Anyway, onto the pictures!
Jace was more interested in his little spoon and cookie than he was in visiting with Santa…
Ailey didn’t want to sit in Santa’s lap, but she was still gonna make sure he knew what she wanted for Christmas…
Nate did his best to play the innocent card…
Lex may have been one of the ones who came along a little grudgingly…
While she’s too old to sit in Santa’s lap, at least Shaylyn was a good sport and cooperated for pictures…
And when you know you’ve been good all year long, you’ve got nothing to frown about…

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