Zoo Lights

We always try to do a few family centered activities during the Christmas season. We don’t always succeed, but we do try.
This year we had a few ideas, but with Eric working a 9-5 and then a pseudo job 3 other days of the week (one of which is Saturday), it got hard to find a time that worked. We also had to work around a bunch of kids’ activities. 
Because of our zoo membership we got tickets to go for free. We had never gone before, but were always curious about it – so we decided we’d find a Friday and go. Friday was a good day as no one had to get up and go anywhere the next day and the zoo wouldn’t close quite as early. We had a couple extra tickets so Eric invited a couple that he knew from the game store and Shaylyn had her bestie, Mikayla come with us.
We left the house shortly after we wanted to and then thought we were good to go, but for whatever reason, traffic was insane that night. It took us twice as long to get there than it normally does. Eric was worried the zoo would close before we got there, but after discovering they wouldn’t close until 10 or so, we were both able to relax a bit.
When we finally got to the zoo and found a parking spot we met up with Eric’s friends. We had let them know they were free to go off on their own if they wanted (we know our family can seem chaotic to those without kids or even those with few kids), but they decided to stay with us. They must enjoy chaos.
While we enjoyed our time out, it wasn’t exactly what Eric or I expected. Most of the animals were put away and all you really see are lights, which is okay – I suppose. We were just glad we got in for ‘free’. 
We went on a night that was a nice night for Winter, but it still got cold. Somehow I convinced Eric to get us all Hot Chocolate. It was also just okay. However, the funniest part of the night came just as we were leaving. We had an issue with one of the kids so we had to set a few hot chocolates down. We settled the issue and started walking off when Ailey yelled, “Don’t forget about my coffee!”
All in all it was a good night out as a family, but the activity itself was a little ‘blah’. Not sure we’d do it again.

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