Elementary Christmas Sing-In

So I totally don’t get the title of Sing-In, but that’s what our school calls it. They have each grade come and sing a song they’ve worked on and invite all the parents.

I’d normally have to be there for 3 kids, but Ailey ended up getting sick and getting pink eye the whole week before, so she wasn’t able to go to school that day. Thankfully, she was on the tail end of it and had she not just started the eye drops for pink eye the day before – she could’ve gone. I was just happy to know she wouldn’t miss her Christmas party.

Because I couldn’t take Ailey out in public, I needed a babysitter and since pink eye is so contagious, I knew I couldn’t ask a neighbor, so Shaylyn got a day off of school to watch Jace and Ailey while I went to the program.

My friend took me and I helped her out with her 2 year old while she tended to her newborn. Then we waited to see our kids. It was kind of fun and I’m glad that our school has one grade come in at a time and then leave.

So here’s a look at the songs Lex and Nate sang. Nate was super excited about his song and it’s pretty much all he talked about the whole of December.

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