Making Christmas

My mom is trying to get more traditions started and she decided that she wants to make ornaments every year around Christmas starting this year. Somehow she got my little sister to do the grunt work and Kaeloni came up with some really cute decorations. The examples she saw worked great as ornaments, but I thought from the beginning they were better as decorations and that’s pretty much what they became. 
A few weeks before we gathered we all decided on which decoration we’d make. A majority of my kids chose a gingerbread man, so I went with a penguin for Jace and a reindeer for me. I think Ailey originally chose a gingerbread man, but when it came time to actually do something, she wanted a reindeer.
We made this whole thing an event and a few of my siblings brought different soups to try, Kaeloni did grilled cheese for the kids and I had a simple task of bringing salad. (My mom knows that my pregnancy brain can’t handle much)
After a yummy lunch – we got started. We really all had way too much fun.
And here’s a look at our small army…

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