Shaylyn’s Christmas Concert

The downside to having multiple kids in band? Multiple band concerts. The upside to mulitple kids in band? Psuedo date nights with the husband.

Thankfully, Tanis and Shaylyn are in two different schools now, so we don’t have to take the whole family to concerts. Shaylyn watched the kids for Tanis’ concert and Tanis watched the kids for Shaylyn’s concert the next night.

Shaylyn’s band director is a nice person, but she’s fairly new and she needs a little working on making a concert run smoothly. This concert she did a little better than she has in the past, but there were still a few issues.

I was really excited about the spot we got for the concert as we saw Shaylyn up close, but during the course of the concert Shaylyn sat in about 20 different places. (Okay, it’s a small exaggeration, but she was moved around almost the whole time)

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