Peppermint Holly’s Back: Night 1

Peppermint Holly made her way back at some point in the early morning hours of December 1st. She came very sweetly this year. She came prepped with a letter for the kids and armed with candy, quite literally.
And this is what her letter had to say:
“Dear Hardy Children Friends,
‘A year has passed and I’m excited to say,
I’m back to watch and listen all day!
Just in case you don’t remember,
I’m here to be Santa’s helper,
I let him know if you’ve been good or bad,

So be sure to behave and make him glad.’

It’s been quite the year for your family, from what I gathered from Santa. I hear you drove all the way to Nebraksa! You also got a new car AND you get a new baby brother soon? That’s awesome! I hear Tanis started High School and has gone to a couple dances? Shaylyn is doing better with school work and Lex’s baseball team went to Regions? Nate is loving 2nd grade and Ailey started Kindergarten? And little Jace is no longer a baby! I missed a lot.
Santa and Mrs. Claus wanted to come visit, but you know they can’t leave the North Pole right now, so they sent me with Kisses for each of you. They didn’t think you’d mind chocolate instead of the real thing.
– Peppermint Holly”
At least we’re off to a positive start, right?

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